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!! House Examination !!


  Its is compulsory to fulfill Lecture attendance & House test condition laid on by the University. In case a student fails to fulfil any of these conditions he/she will not be allowed to sit in the annual Examination as per resolution No. 2(15) of its meeting held on n26-5-07 of the Academic Council and Executive council.

  It is essential for all students to take the class given by subject teacher time to time in addition to one/two house Examination to be held by the college to be notified at the proper time.

  As per decision of Academic council of H.P. University, a student on the rolls of the college shall be eligible to be admitted to University Examination, if he/she.

1.   Secures 20% marks in each subject or 25% of the aggregate marks in all Compulsory and Elective subjects in the House Test.

2.   Has attended 75% of the total Lectures delivered in each of the concerned courses in theory as well as in practical.

3.   There shall be component of internal assessment in all undergraduate degree courses except those specified for exclusion. The scheme of Internal Assessment shall be as follows :

(a)   20% of the maximum marks in each paper for internal assessment.

(b)   Remaining 80% for the University examination. Time duration and other aspect of the existing scheme of examination to remain unchanged.

The 20% assigned to internal assessment to be sub-divided as follows :

(a) Weightage for attendance (in a paper of 100 marks)

(1) 75% to 79%     1 marks             (2) 80% to 82%     2 marks

(3) 83% to 85%     3 marks             (4) 86%  to 88%    4 marks      (5) 89% and more   5 marks

  The names of the student who remain absent for six days continuously from any class, without proper leave shall be struck off from college rolls. However the Principal at his discretion and after the recommendation from teacher concerned may readmit such on the payment of the readmission fee.

 There will be reservation for NRI student as per The H.P. University letter No. 4-11 (4) 2007 HPU (Aced) Dated 16-4-2008 and as per The directions of Hon’ble High Court vide his judgement passed in CPW No. 1104 of 2007.

  College is a no smoking zone, hence smoking is strictly prohibited in college premises and canteen.

  Old student Association (O.S.A.) Has been constituted since December, 2009.







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