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!! Rules and Regulations !!



  • A student can proceed on leave with prior permission from the Principal, but the application should also be signed by the parents / guardian of the student and duly recommended by the tutor.

  • A tutor can recommend leave upto 6 days. For longer duration, a student should get leave application signed by the senior tutor.

  • Leave during House Examination will be sanctioned by the Principal on the recommendation of the senior tutor in special cases only.

  • Leave on account of illness must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate.

  • A student can only be readmitted twice, if his/her name is struck-off the college rolls. He/she shall cease to be a student after that.

  • Handicapped applicants seeking fee concession must furnish their status certificate from Medical Board.


  • Every student must attend at least 75% lectures both in theory and practicals separately. The Principal can give actual numbers of days/lectures in every course including practical in respect of students who have to miss classes on account of their participation in N.C.C. / N.S.S.I Sports/Cultural or other academic activities.

  • Every student has to appear in the House Examination and secure at least 20% marks in each subject or 25% in the aggregate to make them eligible to appear in the Final Examination.

  • A student who fails to show satisfactory results in House Examination shall forfeit claim to concession/Financial assistance.


Prizes are given to the students who secure positions in University/House Examinations, Sports and Extra Cocurricular activities.


  • First, second and third prize to students standing I, II and III respectively in the College in HPU Annual / Semester / House Examination.

  • First and second prize to students of undergraduate classes standing I and II in the subjects respectively in the College in HPU Annual / House Examination.

  • Students not securing 50% marks in the aggregate or in the subject concerned and not passing examination in all subjects of study shall not be considered for the prizes.

  • "College Roll of Honour" will be awarded to a student securing a position in HPU merit list.


  • First, second and third prize to students securing I, II and III position respectively in National / Inter-Zonal / Inter-Varsity / HP University / HP State sports / Cultural events.

  • First and second prize to students securing I and II position respectively in the College sports / cultural events.

  • Prizes to NCC students for participation in RD parade, selection in national directorate level camp / State RO, position in shooting, best turnout and selection as Best Cadet.

  • Prizes to NSS students for selection as Best Volunteer and Group Leader.

  • "College Colour" to students for their outstanding performance in National / State / HPU sports or cultural or NCC or NSS events.


  • Every student should carry his/her Identity Card, which is issued to the students after admission. It should be shown / produced on demand.

  • Any act of ragging on the campus or in or around the hostel will be severely dealtwith.

  • Ragging means and includes any type of Physical and mental torture, done by any individual or group either by words or by conduct, which give an apprehension in the mind of a person that he can not pursue his studies free from any mental disturbance/ torture created there by.
    Students found to have been involved in the act of Ragging will be dealt with as per provision of statue 23-A and recommendation of the committee constituted by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in SLP No. 24295 of 2006 (Raghvan's Committee Report)

  • Following acts will be construed as acts of misconduct and indiscipline and punished with either fine or suspension/ expulsion or both.
    Writing obscenities / dirty words on black boards, walls or furniture and banging doors etc.
    Loitering aimlessly in the verandas, making noise or trying to disturb classes.
    Smoking, taking drugs / alcohol and chewing tobacco, spitting etc. in the college campus including canteen.
    Bringing outsiders / miscreants / anti social Elements in the campus.
    Pasting posters on the walls or notice on the Notice Board without prior permission of the Principal.
    Misbehaving with teachers / other staff.
    Holding of any meeting in the campus without prior permission.
    Using mobile phones in class rooms.



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